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Packaged Properties offered by Chosa Land Co.

Chosa Land Company has spent over two decades acquiring a stunning portfolio of prime real estate and other tangible assets throughout the south pacific region of Central America. Chosa Land Company offers "optimal aggregated asset packages" that allow you and/or your company to build upon a spectacular base from which to develop a tropical project that will both captivate and delight you or your clients' senses. Based on our many years of experience in the tropical marketplace we have chosen to build a small number of "optimal aggregated asset packages" that exemplify what we feel provides the greatest versatility, security, diversity and development potential. Additionally, complimentary properties and assets are available for purchase allowing detailed customization to your specific vision, plans and growth in this exquisite tropical environment.

Our company has maintained a continuous presence in Costa Rica and Panama for over 21 years. Throughout that time, we have established a solid legal framework and in-depth knowledge concerning property management and acquisitions, allowing our clients to make informed, intelligent, and clear choices regarding investment in this region. We are the definitive experts, and guidance in investing wisely is our specialty. Many of our properties are located in the lush paradise of the Osa Peninsula in the

southern pacific region of Costa Rica. This unique and diverse area is experiencing the kind of growth and attention the northern pacific received 15 years ago. We currently manage a portfolio of 27 unique properties throughout Costa Rica and Panama totaling approximately 4 Million Sq. Meters (roughly 1000 acres). We look forward to assisting you in navigating the waters of property investment in Central America and making it as rewarding as it has been for us over the years.

Our intention has always been to focus on acquisitions that would provide the diversity and development potential mentioned above, and through careful planning, we have obtained unique destinations offering the best the region has to offer. Within our group, we have developed certain cornerstone locations that allow us to access the entire portfolio easily, efficiently, and on our own terms. A validation of our vision and foresight has recently come in the announcement that permitting and design for a new multi-million dollar marina and resort project have been approved near one of our flagship properties Chosa Royale. This region represents a completely unique environment and an excellent place to invest. Chosa Land Co. looks forward to sharing our vision with you.

This Site was last updated on May 15th 2015