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Assets & Infrastructure

Comprehensive Tropical Property Listing

For the developer with a vision for combining the benefits of a unique and diverse group of properties along the South Pacific Coast of Central America, we are currently offering a comprehensive portfolio of 28 unique properties throughout Costa Rica and Panama totaling approximately 4 Million Sq. Meters (roughly 1000 acres).

Package Price                              $ 12,999,000 USD

Business Assets & Infrastructure

Since arriving in the tropics, we have strived to look beyond simple property acquisition and management. Over the years, we have developed the diverse and complete group of businesses and infrastructure which allows us to pursue our true potential in the marketplace. This philosophy has led to the development of a far-reaching entity that will allow us to maximize our economic potential and at the same time seamlessly manage a diverse and broad-reaching portfolio of assets, no matter where they are located. We feel the time is opportune to offer these ready-to-operate corporate entities to a company or group who will understand the true value of the assets we have assembled over the years.

Package Price                              $ 16,999,000 USD

Complete Corporate Acquisition includes:

  • Established businesses in Costa Rica, Panama, and USA
  • Tangible and intangible assets in Costa Rica, Panama, and US including all properties
  • Solid Corporate infrastructure with long-term banking and attorney relationships in all
  • Continuity of all key employees & professional service providers
  • Introduction to existing network of bankers, attorneys & accountants
  • Minimal tax consequences in all jurisdictions/ tax haven benefits
  • Consulting Services of principal members for period of one (1) year
  • An opportunity of becoming the main international player in South Pacific Central America
  • Tropical lifestyle second-to-none