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Chosa Royale Adventure

Chosa Royale, Playa Juanito Mora, Playa Chan on Isla Gobernadora & Finca Pizote

Offering the ultimate in versatility, the Chosa Adventure package allows you to base yourself from our flagship property, the Chosa Royale Resort. The package combines a full-service hotel located in downtown Puerto Jimenez on the doorstep of the regional airport, and with easy access to all of the activities the Osa Peninsula has to offer. Playa Juanito Mora brings Osa Peninsula waterfront to the package with a beautiful residence and project approval for further development of the property, and Playa Chan offers secluded island paradise that can be reached from the doorstep of the Chosa Royale via a 160 mile boat ride. The perfect addition to this offering is the Finca Pizote, a stunning and rare titled rainforest property, which ties in direct rainforest access to your centralized resort and island properties. Read more below about these spectacular individual offerings.


The Chosa Royale or "Royal Hut" is the anchor property for our Costa Rican endeavors. Its lush four acres features a fully functional hotel which includes ten (10) individual rooms, restaurant and bar (total of 4500 sq ft), and a 4 bedroom, 4 bath private residence (3500 sq ft). Near the main building is also a separate office complex of 1800 sq ft. Located in the heart of Puerto Jimenez on a four acre green sanctuary, just 200 meters from the small airport and 300 meters from the beach, the Chosa Royale is the perfect cornerstone to adventure in the Osa.


Bordered by two creeks on the north and south, and on the shores of the Golfo Dulce, PJM is one of our premier offerings. The property has been cultivated with care over the last 17 years, and comes with a beautiful ocean front cabana (sleeps 4) overlooking the water.

Playa Juanito Mora has incredible potential for development due to its large beach front location, and a 20 year contract with the municipal government for development rights. Fishing Camp, Sailing School, Hotel, Lodge, Resort or Residential Development are just a few of the possibilities. Electricity, water, year-round access on public roads, river frontage, ocean frontage, 3G Cellular and Internet service are all present.


Tucked into the north coast of Isla Gobernadora, and with views to Santa Catalina and the interior of Montijo Bay, lies Playa Chan. A completely undisturbed Panamanian Island Paradise. Approximately 20 acres, with over 600 feet of ocean frontage, the property rises up the hill offering great views of the ocean and the mainland. This place is a "must see" for island lovers and privacy seekers.


The Finca Pizote is one of the original properties used by the miners as their point of embarkation to traverse the OSA peninsula and enter the small town of Carate. The path they once took is now part of Corcovado National Park, and Finca Pizote is that rare titled parcel of rainforest that can be yours. The property borders Corcovado National Park and is accessed through the town of Dos Brazos. Two separate properties are included in this offering. A small house on approximately 1.5 acres comprises one portion, and the main titled section of the property is roughly 30 acres.

Finca Pizote is truly in the heart of the forest, and the sheer volume of birds, butterflies, and animals are hard to describe. There is a stunning waterfall on the property and the perfect swimming hole at the base. Several terraced areas have been prepared for construction sites, and a trail from the property leads into the heart of Corcovado National Park. This is a must see property awaiting you on your next adventure.

Chosa Royale Eco-Resort Residential Complex Feasibility Study

Over the last four years, we have worked towards the development of a project second-to-none and the first of its' kind in the OSA Peninsula in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. This project has been vetted by an experienced team of sustainable building experts, international business people and multi-decade residents of the region, and a group of highly-skilled architects and planners. Some of the renderings of this new and exciting project are available below.

Due to our in-depth understanding of permitting and construction in the region, we have been able to effectively obtain our environmental sustainability permit through SETENA, and our municipal permits are in the final stage of completion, awaiting the final construction documents.

Along with the legalities of establishing our ability to move forward with the project, we have also completed a comprehensive feasibility study for the development of the Chosa Royale Eco-Residential Resort Complex. This study is available upon request from Chosa Land Co.

Extensive efforts for financing the development of the project have been put in place, and consulting can be offered if the intention of the prospective buyer is to move forward with these plans.

Coupled to other "destination" properties featured by Chosa Land Co. or as a stand-alone entity, the Chosa Royale is the perfect point of embarkation to adventure in Central America.

Combining these properties offers a diverse product aligned package for your client base or resort offering and includes a 12% aggregated properties discount.

Package Price                                    $ 7,500,000 USD

These properties can be offered separately. If you are interested in this option, please visit for further details.

To create your own personalized product aligned package of support properties, the following options are available:

Add additional Titled Costa Rican properties

  • Playa Blanca
  • La Esquina
  • Hacienda Cerritos
  • Toucan Hill

  • Add additional Costa Rican Forest Reserve Possession properties

  • Reserva Chimpol
  • Bosque Miramar

  • Add additional Costa Rican Maritime Zone Possession properties

  • Playa Las Gaviotas

  • Visit for additional details on the properties listed above.
    Contact us to request a copy of the Chosa Royale Feasibility Study

    Property Details

    Chosa Royale

    Type: Hotel/Residence
    Area: 14615 m² (4 acres)

    Playa Juanito Mora

    Type: Beachfront w/Residence
    Area: 54515 m² (13.5 acres)

    Playa Chan

    Type: Beachfront
    Area: 77744 m² (19.2 acres)

    Finca Pizote

    Type: Rainforest Ranch
    Area: 127,150 m² (31.4 acres)