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Chosa Land Co. consistently seeks to educate itself and its' clients in the philosophy of investment opportunities using a "triple bottom line" theory that advocates environmental responsibility, social responsibility and financial profitability. We recognize our responsibilities and are committed to the principles upon which the United Nations' Global Compact is based on ( Chosa Land Co. supports the initiative of the United Nations and is convinced that social responsibility is an important factor for the long-term success of our company.

Environmental, social, and financial commitment requires planning and action. Only companies that are financially healthy and competitive in the international arena can successfully contribute to solutions of these complex problems that face our society. The social responsibility assumed by a company depends on the sectors and markets in which the company operates. Our company focuses on environmental and social activities, and has led to a variety of sustainable practices, internal codes, guidelines and standards that set us apart from others conducting business in this region.

For Chosa Land Co., acting in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible manner means safeguarding future competency and innovativeness, based on financial success. Chosa Land Co. supports sustainable social and environmental development above and beyond the statutory obligations imposed on our company, and we continuously strive to improve the ecological balance of the designs of our projects combined with the use of the most environmentally friendly building materials and technologies.

It is our aim to function within an exemplary ecological balance. We keep our workforce and the public informed. We act in an ecologically-minded manner at all of our locations and continually improve environmental protection through progressive management. We develop high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions for our projects by using responsible methods of design, construction, and implementation combined with a responsible management team offering both a distinctive and friendly level of service. We regularly assess the environmental effects of our production processes and draw from them objectives for future action. Finally, we maintain an open dialogue on environmental matters with staff, associations, and the interested public within our community.