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Panama Islands

Playa Reina, Bahia Libertad on Cebaco Island & Playa Chan

The combination of a completely developed mainland resort coupled to two island retreats is presented in this very unique and special offer from Chosa Land Co. Playa Reina has acted as the staging area for adventure to the Islands of Cebaco and Gobernadora as well as other destinations along the Pacific Coast of Panama. Please read more about this outstanding opportunity below.Playa Reina has acted as the staging area for adventure to the Islands of Cebaco and Gobernadora as well as other destinations along the Pacific Coast of Panama. Please read more about this outstanding opportunity below.

Playa Reina

Playa Reina is located on the mainland at the end of a paved road and represents a one-of-a-kind property on the Peninsula de Azuero. Overlooking the islands of Cebaco and Gobernadora, the property offers unparralled views of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and was designed to be the mainland supply point for two unique island properties, as part of a private club offering a complete package of sun and surf. This special and unique location boasts a fully functioning hotel, bar, restaurant, and private home. Playa Reina is designated under "Private Club" status and is exempt from tourism tax and also carries a liquor license. Playa Reina currently acts as the mainland center of operations and supply for Playa Libertad and Playa Chan, additional spectacular properties offered by Chosa Land Co.

Bahia Libertad

This Panamanian island paradise is located on Isla Cebaco, nestled between nationally protected marine areas in the Gulf of Montijo, and just off Panama's Pacific coast. Bahia Libertad is approximately 150 acres and runs from one stunning beach on the southern side of the island, up and over the lush forested hillside, and down to another spectacular beach on the northern end of the island. If you are looking for a tropical secluded paradise, this is it. The island rises 349 m above sea level, and large swaths of its 80 km2 area are covered in dense rainforest. There are rolling hills, palm-fringed coves with sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls and dramatic rock formations. Humpback and sperm whales migrate through the area and four species of turtles, giant manta rays and dolphins can be spotted just offshore. The northern shore hosts a small fishing community, and the hills offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and mainland. Even though the island maintains the ultimate feeling of seclusion and privacy, it is less than 10 km offshore and a short flight from Panama City.

Investing in Panama

President Ricardo Martinelli, is absolutely committed to making Panama a great place to visit, live and invest. Panama has established many great retirement incentives including laws that waive property taxes for up to 20 years and allow foreigners to own property with equal rights as Panamanians. Panama has been ranked one of the top countries in the world to retire.


  • Panama's population is approximately 3 million with about half of that population living in and around Panama City

  • Spanish is the national language but many Panamanians speak English, especially those working in the service industries

  • Panama does not observe day light savings time and thus falls in the Eastern Time Zone from October to March and is in the Central Time Zone from April to September

  • The US Dollar is Panama's currency and all major credit cards from the United States and Canada are honored here

  • Travel time from Houston it is a little over 3.5 hours, Miami is just over 2 hours, Atlanta is about 4 hours, Las Angles approximately 5.5 hours, and less than 5 hours direct from New York
  • Playa Chan

    Tucked into the north coast of Isla Gobernadora, and with views to Santa Catalina and the interior of Montijo Bay, lies Playa Chan. A completely undisturbed Panamanian Island Paradise. Approximately 20 acres, with over 600 feet of ocean frontage, the property rises up the hill offering great views of the ocean and the mainland. This place is a "must see" for island lovers and privacy seekers. There are many things to do near the island such as boat tours to the island of Cébaco, a visit to Santa Catalina to surf or dine out, snorkel or fish off the famous island of Coiba, or get to know Gobernadora from the sea by taking a boat or walking along the south side of the island. On the island itself, you can dive, fish, explore the Cerro Palenque (the highest point of the island), walk across the island through the Camino Real, or stroll the beaches of La Punta, La Playita or Ubaldino Bucería.

    Combining these properties offers a diverse product aligned package for your client base or resort offering and includes a 12% aggregated properties discount.

    Package Price                                    $ 1,999,000 USD

    These properties can be offered separately. If you are interested in this option, please visit for further details.

    To create your own personalized product aligned package of support properties, the following options are available:

    Add additional Titled Costa Rican properties

  • Chosa Royale
  • Playa Blanca
  • La Esquina
  • Hacienda Cerritos
  • Toucan Hill
  • Bosque Pizote

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  • Visit for additional details on the properties listed above.

    Property Details

    Playa Reina

    Type: Beachfront
    Area: 24865 m² (6.15 acres)

    Bahia Libertad

    Type: Beachfront
    Area: 577296 m² (143 acres)

    Playa Chan

    Type: Beachfront
    Area: 77744 m² (19.2 acres)